Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sponsored Exhibition - Harmony, Intonation and Freedom

Serendipity Magazine is a proud sponsor of Harmony, Intonation and Freedom - a new art exhibition featuring the paintings of Henriette Engels and Valerie Panayotopoulou.

Opening Night
Friday 8 May 2015
21:30 - 24:00
Art Factory
6 Lamias
Tavros - Athens

The exhibition focuses on the artists' works embracing the use of colour, texture, line, space, form, balance and movement all working together in harmony, the visual interpretation of intonation of colour and mood as well as freedom of expression through art.

Both artists are long-time residents of Athens and now consider Greece their home. Henriette originates from Germany and Valerie from England and now that their children are grown they are devoting their time to their respective passion for painting and their love of art as a means of connecting people.

With this in mind they are offering free art workshops for the duration of the exhibition including Painting with Acrylics, Watercolours and Ink, Collage and Techniques for Different Effects. Participants need only to bring the materials required. Email for full details.

The exhibition will take place at the Art Factory, 6 Lamias Street,Tavros, Athens 177 78 from May 8th until June 7th, 2015. Opening hours: Mon- Fri 12.00-20.00, Sat 10.00-18.00 and Sun from 12.00-18.00. Entrance is free. OPENING NIGHT: Friday 08 May 21:30-24:00.

This event is sponsored by Serendipity Magazine and Art Links


Monday, 20 April 2015

Sneak preview

Our new edition is coming out April 30

Here is an intro regarding our cover artist Lance Katcher.

Lance Katcher has a unique gift called “automatic drawing” his hands move by themselves. He can draw faster and more delicate than humanly possible with amazing detail and even more intriguing with both hands at the same time. His art is vibrant colourful and full of life. This life is based on the interaction Lance has with other entities, spirits and what may be called life source. He communicates with these other life sources and in away (co-)creates his amazing artwork. The details and forms are incredible and inspire the imagination.

Artwork coming from a whole different dimension.....check out our new edition
and let this art take you on a trip where you never been before to explore...

stay tuned for more 


Friday, 17 April 2015

Art Links 2014

Hip Hop Dance KaterinaRadiou Ballet School

Katerina Radiou Hip Hop dance group is a group of very energetic young ladies.
Totally excited to perform.
I was amused and amazed to observe how (body) confident these young girls are as they represented all shapes and sizes.

It is wonderful to see these young girls so excited and committed to something they definitely love. Seeing their passion for the dance (or whatever it may be) is something we can all learn from again. Just a thought that crossed my mind and still does.

This form of dance gives the opportunity to express as an individual but also to work and to connect together as a team. There is no space to not give it your whole effort.
If just one member lacks then it effects the whole team.

It was very entertaining to watch them as they were waiting for their moment to shine
and show what they had been working so hard for. Checking their outfit, hair and going over some of the moves. A vibrant and expressive warm up for the big moment.

It was time, an announcement was made throughout the whole building inviting everyone at the event to come watch the group perform.

It was an explosive energetic performance. Each and every one of them gave it their all. In spite of a few missteps they kept going and did not let this interfere with their performance at all. And then it was over. Waiting for the next show.. that did not come.

A bit of a bummer because it was really great to watch, it would have been great to see a few more dance routines.
Maybe another time. I know it takes a lot of work and effort to put a choreograph routine together and then to get a whole group working and dancing together is also a huge job.

When dancers can make you wanna dance too you know it's a good thing! Cause I too wanted dance :)