Saturday, 28 March 2015

Archive Volume 2 part 1 Element is Creativity-Earth

I wandered through the pages of this addition to get a taste of what it's all about. The first pages just burst with color, so energizing and full of life. Spring feelings jump of the pages. The beauty this time of year brings is, is one of my favorite. The photo's are so pure and fresh and yet they have something magical. Maurizio Valoppi has an artistic way of photographing his objects. A beautiful piece of art that will brighten any space in a unique way.

Beautiful jewelry inspired in forms by our natural world, the pallet of colors to create decorations of any kind and sculptures are just a few examples you will find in this issue.

If you are interested in Crystals and healing energy there is great article to read. Very clear and down to earth explained by Springwolf', teacher of Magan Metaphysics. I ware crystals all the time. I believe in the healing effects they have, and I find them beautiful. Using energy as a 'healing tool” is something I apply in my daily life. (Article page 40-44)

It is wonderful to see and read about the artists presented in this issue how they are inspired by our natural world. Our Earth is living art. The colors that we see in flowers, trees, and grass or the colors in the ocean changing from blue's to green's to gray's and even seem black at times.

Using the elements to create works of art. Finding inspiration in nature, the sky or mountains, you choose. Whether we believe it or not we are connected to the earth the solar system. We just are not as fine-tuned as we used to be. We all feel better and have some sense of connection with ourselves again once we have taken a walk in nature, it be in a forest long side the sea climbing a mountain. Our sense of well -being improves.

Being able to create art being inspired by the elements of our world is a great gift.
And then sharing this with the world is awesome.

Wandering through this issue will give a sense of connecting with nature in an artistic way.
It feeds the soul and tunes you in to a relaxing state of mind letting one forget about the daily hub bub..... 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Art Links 2014

Primitive Dance Workshop

I had the wonderful experience to sit down and a have nice chat with Elenie Chatzigeorgiou are dance teacher. Teacher is not the correct description, Elenie guides you into the dance experience and lets the dance teach. The focus is guiding the participants into the dance, so they can find their own unique way to express their dance. The dance is based on a variety of ancient traditional dances and today's psychological studies. Guiding the dancer back to the most primal movements and vocal expressions to connect with one self, each other and the earth. It is the first way of communication of mankind. Today's way of living we have become disconnected with ourselves, each other and our environment.

Elinie made it very clear that this dance form is in no way related to New Age or any type of spiritual group so to say. There is no intention that it is meant to be associated in this stream.
Basically stemming from ancient tribal dancing and communication within a certain structure.

Elinie is a bright being with dark shiny hair, slender built, big sparkling eyes, a warm inviting smile and a beautiful radiant personality.
In a calm and subtle way she creates an environment for us to feel safe, accepted and invites us to to express ourselves in the dance and chanting.

In spite of the structure you are encouraged to let your body express it self. Connecting with each other throughout the dance is fun and at times a playful experience.
We are so caught up in the fast pace of life and the daily hub bub and pushing ourselves to complete our to do list, we have lost a sense of connection with our self and one another. It is so refreshing to reconnect in such of free way of self expression.

The main ingredients that this style of dance is based on is: the heartbeat, breath, to synchronise these elements with the beat of the drum (African drum), this represents the heartbeat of the earth. Through story telling the movement of the dance unfolds.

At the end of the dance there is a moment to express a pose and share it with the group. Then we express a move to give to the group as a wish to take with us on our journey.

Here are some of the feelings shared after experiencing the dance: Freedom, joyful expansion “out of this world”

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in this dance workshop and have the fortune to be in the presence of Elenie by all means go for it!

Vee xoxo

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Appreciating Art

A few days ago  I bought the book: The Art of Asking, or How to learn to stop worrying and Let People Help, by Amanda Palmer

It has  been inspiring reading her journey and I just started.

What grabbed my attention and made me think is having gratitude.
About the essence of gratitude.  To feel grateful for that one person or the few that take a moment of their time to read your story, listen to your music, to look at your painting, photograph or what ever art you create.

It doesn't matter whom created the art. It be a "real" artist the ones that went to art school
or someone who creates to find a way to express themselves.

The thing is we can get caught up and be focused on how many people see what we have created, that piece of ourselves , our soul. Focused on the recognition of the number of others and define success to that and our self-worth as an artist.

Sometimes we take for granted that one person who stood still to admire our piece of art. The street artist preforming and someone willing to put some money in the hat. To 'like' something shared on the 'social media' and even 'share it'.

We need to remember not to get all bummed out because a so called critic didn't like what was created. In spite of that persons opinion there was still that one person, maybe a few that did like it. The thing is... it touched someone, we  touched someone in a positive or maybe in a negative way. That doesn't really matter. What matters is that someone responded and that is what any kind of art is about. This is the reward we get.

When ever you feel you are blocked or doubt yourself , just remember that one person or those few that do appreciate your work and keep going.

Something I need to keep in mind is that my value as a creative person doesn't depend on how big my crowd is. The thought that one person was inspired by what I shared,  what I created and revealed to the world... this is my reward.

As Dita Von Teese, a successful burlesque dancer said: she saw the other girls dance and strip completely and get one dollar from fifty men and when she preformed she got from one man fifty dollars, he was her audience. (you will read this in the book)

As I stated in the beginning I just got started in this book,  it has already given me it's value.

xoxo Vee 

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