Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Harmony Intonation & Freedom' Valerie Panayotopoulou

May 8 2015 was the opening night of Harmony Intonation & Freedom, exhibiting the artworks of two wonderfully talented artists: Valerie Panayotopoulou and Henriette Engels.

Lucky me I got to sit down and a have a nice chat with both. Valerie, a is like a ray of beaming light with such a joyous smile and to me embodies peace and  harmony. The freedom reflects in her artworks as does her light. 

Valerie born in the United Kingdom, grew up in an artistic family. Music was also a main ingredient. So studying Art, Music and Education was a natural path for her to take.  In her working years as a teacher she used her creativity as a basic teaching style stimulating the children to develop and explore their own unique creative self.

Now her teaching days are over she has picked up her art and expressing this in different styles and using different mediums. Her love for music is found in most of her artwork. Especially her love and passion for the violin is visible using the shape and lines of this beautiful instrument or even music sheet in her mixed media/collage pieces.

Valerie has a love for travelling and exploring new and others worlds.  You will see these elements in her work bringing it to life in a very unique way. The techniques are strongly present in the pieces, yet the flow and harmony blend fluidly, like music instruments tuning together creating a special blend of materials mixing together almost poetically.

Valerie's serene glowing energy reflects in her work. I feel her soul resonating in her art.
Her subtle and passionate appearance is bold and felt in her art.

If you would like to experience the feel of Valerie's art. Visit the Art Factory Lamias 6 Tavros.
This exhibition is until June 7 and there are workshops to attend. Valerie and Henriette, both will share there love for art with you and inspire you to find you own unique ' artistic voice'.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Henriette Engels

Thursday May 14 I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and have a relaxed and inspiring chat with Henriette Engels, one of the two artists exhibiting their art.

Henriette, born in a very small village in Germany, was a very creative and artistic child. Way ahead of her time and therefore not understood and not accepted. No support nor encouragement to explore or develop the gift that came to her naturally. This caused her to shut down her creative talent. For years she never gave it a thought. There was another passion Henriette had and that is to travel explore the world. As she says her ' Inner Gypsy".

Lucky for us Henriette has rediscovered her artistic gift of art. This can be admired at the Art Factory
until the first week of June. Her art is free as her spirit is, the Gypsy energy radiates through most of her art works. 

Henriette is an inspiration to all of who want to find their (lost) passion and in a later stage of life and make your dreams come true. Telling us, she is living proof that dreams can come true at any age.
If you truly have that desire there is no (age) limitations to follow your heart and make your dream(s)
come true. When you are in her presence you feel her passion pulsing and vibrating. She has a drive to inspire you to live your dream and become the happiest version of you. She has captivated this in her art work.

Henriette uses her artistic talents in homes. She creates a unique art work according the wishes
of the client. Her experiences working in the real estate business has given her the insight of space light and then being able us colour and materials to complement that space in your home..

If you want to meet Henriette and see her art work and become inspired, or follow one of the workshops being given, you can visit Art Factory Lamias 6 Tavros until June 7

Here you will also meet Valerie Panayotopoulous. More about this amazing talented artist, so stay tuned.